Sunday, October 4, 2009


So not only does the NFL force Joe Buck upon us like some kind of creepy uncle pulling you in to sit on his lap, but now they're telling fans to buck up your hard earned cash in this down turned economy or be blacked out. Turns out more people saw the Detroit Lions beat the Redskins in my apartment than probably in all of Detroit. Some 40,000 people in Detroit,Lansing, and surrounding counties got blacked out on sunday because the lions, a team that had lost 19 straight games, could not sell enough tickets. So in a time when families are dining in and taking staycations, in a time when people are trading clunkers for cash and hosting sell your gold parties, the NFL is saying too bad. Long referred to as the no fun league the NFL is living up to its nickname by demanding families spend there money at the stadium or be subject to local blackouts. See it here or see it nowhere!! That's the new NFL motto. In a market with a growing unemployment rate, a whopping 28.9 %, the NFL had the nerve to blackout a lions game because the Ford family couldn't sell enough tickets to the people they've been laying off. What's next? Where does it end? Will they next try to tell us we must buy a $7 hot dog, perphaps if they don"t sell enough beer by halftime the teams will not come out for the second half, drink up people we have a game to finish. The term "blackout" should be reserved for power outages, what the NFL is doing is more considered strong arming. Pay or else!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So once again "the rape" has reared his ugly head. After all those int's in the playoffs last year, Jake Delhomme waited all offseason to avenge that pathetic game he had, only to throw 4 more picks and blow his teams chances of winning in week 1. Flash forward 2 weeks and "the rape" has struck again, in a close game with a banged up cowboys team "the rape" bent his team over like they were Jodie Foster being held down on a pinball machine and penetrated them 2 more times last night. Someone call the carolina D.A.. Isn't serial rape a crime? How long will John Fox let this go on? For how much longer will the fans have to watch as Jake "the rape" repeatedly bends them over and plunges his love stick in and out of their chances to go back to the playoffs. With the Saints off to a hot start how much longer can John Fox stick with "the rape"? With a bye week next week something tells me Matt "I can't be worse than date rape" Moore might get a few snaps with the first team in practice this week!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

That's my teammate, that's my quarterback!!

Here we go again. It only took 1 week for T.O. to throw his new quarterback Trent Edwards under the bus. This guy is a joke and I can't believe i was naive enough to think things would change. Obviously class aint contagious for the man who's played with such greats as Jerry Rice and Steve Young. So in a game where the bills had the mighty Patriots backs against the ropes all night, only to lose because of a idiot kickoff returner, T.O. feels it was Edwards fault. Come on dude, where you even on the same field?? I saw a young quarterback spreading the ball around, I saw a young quarterback who had an old defense on the run. Not T.O. in his self absorbed, irrational, dilluted mind this idiot thinks it's because he didn't get the ball enough. "It's always a work in progress, and Trent has to better assess what he’s seeing out there and take some shots down the field." Really dude? Really? Because I don't recall ever seeing you open deep all night. Maybe you're just getting old, maybe you just talk so much to blind us of the facts that each year you seem to get a little bit slower and drop more and more passes. Wake up idiot this might be your last shot.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

what's with all the presidential antics?

So is it just me or are the antics of these football players getting worse and worse. You make a big hit after allowing a 17 yard completion... hmmm i should get up and celebrate. You catch a td pass that brings you with in 10... pop the cristal! Whatever happened to acting like you've been there before? Did anybody see Brandon Stockley pull out his cell phone or sign a baby after his 87 yd game winning touchdown? I didn't think so... and why? Because he's been there before. Something tells me a guy like Stokes knows it's a 17 week season, he knows you don't crown a superbowl winner after week 1. Where are all the penalties? Why is this allowed to continue? Goodell comes down hard with the hammer if you make the league look bad with off the field issues but allows the on field antics to continue. It makes no sense, i don't view these men as role models nor do i care what they do when not in uniform. I know they're just athletes but do they? Some of these guys think that running for 120 on sunday is gonna affect my thursday... not happening, you play a game! ACT LIKE YOU BEEN THERE BEFORE

p.s. fuck joe buck

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sweet Stache

First off I would like to thank the person who grabbed their nuts and made this site possible. People you will enjoy this site and please DO NOT hold back, let er rip!!!

Joe Buck is by far the worst play by play caller there is. I am a Giants fan and for some reason, every Sunday when I tune in to watch my team I have to listen to this Mindless, Geeky, Waspy, Cum Guzzling, FOUR-EYED FUCK who should be shot in the head and spare the rest of us respectful members of society the mental anguish I have had to endure for far too long now.Remove Formatting from selection

When will FOX realize that this asshole sucks, his show sucks, and all he does is suck Aikman's cock.Can I have an announcer who won't blatantly put my team down and give Wavy Blond Boy fellatio during commentary. An announcer who is fair on both sides of the ball, knows the game, and is liked. What about Tom Selleck?

That would be fucking phenomenal. Do you know how much better the best day of the week between SEPT and FEB could get. You wake up, put on the 1'Clocks hungover, smelling like urine from that golden shower you let that fat girl give you who looked hot after 10 shots of Patron on Sat night, and you see that Sweet Stache on the 50inch HI-DEF Plasma TV. All is forgotten from the night before and you know your in for a treat when Tom Selleck is giving you detail on how Justin Tuck just ass-raped Tony Romo.

It's good to dream. FuckJoeBuck!!!!!!!!!

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